Amber is a beautiful, golden-colored fossil that forms from the sticky resin of ancient trees. This fascinating substance has the incredible ability to preserve the remains of small animals and plants, providing us with a unique window into the past.


When a tree is injured or diseased, it sometimes produces a thick, sticky substance called resin to seal the wound and protect itself from infection. In ancient forests, this resin would often drip down the bark and collect on the ground. If an unlucky insect or small animal got caught in the sticky mess, it would become trapped and eventually covered in the resin.

Over millions of years, the resin would harden and fossilize, turning into the beautiful substance we know as amber. The creatures trapped inside would be preserved in exquisite detail, their delicate features captured like a moment frozen in time.

One of the most famous examples of an animal preserved in amber is the mosquito from the movie “Jurassic Park”. In the film, scientists extract dinosaur blood from a mosquito trapped in amber, using it to clone living dinosaurs. While this is just a story, real insects and other small animals have been found preserved in amber, including ancient ants, flies, and even tiny lizards and frogs!

Fun Fact
Did you know that amber can preserve not only the bodies of ancient animals, but also their behavior? In some cases, amber has captured insects in the act of mating, laying eggs, or even getting caught in spider webs! These incredible fossils provide paleontologists with a rare glimpse into the daily lives of creatures that lived millions of years ago.

People Also Ask

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  • Is the amber in “Jurassic Park” real?

How does amber form? Amber forms when the sticky resin produced by ancient trees hardens and fossilizes over millions of years. As the resin ages, it loses water and undergoes chemical changes that make it more solid and durable.

What kinds of things can be preserved in amber? Amber can preserve a wide variety of small organisms, including insects, spiders, tiny lizards, and even bits of plants like leaves and flowers. In rare cases, amber has even been found to contain the feathers of dinosaurs and ancient birds!

Is the amber in “Jurassic Park” real? The amber in “Jurassic Park” is a fictional element of the story. While insects and other small animals have been found preserved in real amber, the idea of extracting dinosaur blood from a mosquito and using it to clone living dinosaurs is not possible with our current technology.