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At PrehistoricSaurus, our mission is to ignite the passion and curiosity of dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. We strive to be the ultimate online destination for anyone seeking in-depth knowledge, fascinating stories, and the latest discoveries related to these magnificent prehistoric creatures.

Yvan Stroop, Founder Of PrehistoricSaurus.com

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I may not have walked with dinosaurs, but I’m on a mission to bring their incredible world to life for you!

I founded PrehistoricSaurus out of an insatiable curiosity and awe for these majestic prehistoric creatures. Over the past two decades, I’ve delved deep into paleontological studies, traveled to significant dig sites, and connected with leading experts in the field.

I trust you’ll enjoy the journey through time on my blog. And remember, if you have queries or need insights, don’t hesitate to reach out to yvanstroop@gmail.com.

Yvan Stroop

Founder of PrehistoricSaurus.com

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